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Inventory of the Robert Halfhill papers

Summary Information
Title: Inventory of the Robert Halfhill papers, 1958-2005
Dates: 1958-2005 (bulk 1977-1997).
Creator: Halfhill, Robert
Extent: 40 boxes (40.5 cubic feet)
Language: Collection material in English
Collection Number: Tretter: Collection 228
The collections contains the personal papers of Robert Halfhill and documentation created during his affiliation with Minnesota ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power).

Repository: University of Minnesota Libraries. Jean-Nickolaus Tretter Collection in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Studies

Access and Use
Access Restrictions:

Items in this collection do not circulate and may be used in-house only. Materials will be retrieved from and returned to storage areas by staff members.


Please contact staff regarding copyright status of these materials. Researchers may quote from the collection under fair use provisions of the copyright law (Title 17, U.S. Code).

Preferred Citation:

Jean-Nickolaus Tretter Collection in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Studies, University of Minnesota Libraries, Minneapolis.

Biographical Note

Robert Halfhill was born in Kentucky in 1942. He attended the University of Minnesota, where he completed an undergraduate degree in philosophy. While at the University, Halfhill became involved in the nascent and rapidly evolving gay rights movement in the Twin Cities. He wrote for several gay community papers and tried his hand at electoral politics. In 1978, and again in 1982 and 1984, he ran--unsuccessfully--for the 6th Ward Minneapolis Council seat. He served as treasurer for other politcal compaigns before becoming involved in the Minnesota chapter of ACT UP in the late 1980s.

Collection Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of the personal papers and correspondence of Robert Halfhill, a Minneapolis-based gay activist, and organizational records for Minneapolis ACT UP, for which Halfhill was Secretary and Treasurer from 1990-1993. Extant collection dates are 1958-2005: Bulk dates are 1977-1997.

The collection has been surveyed at the box level, but has not yet been processed. Indiviuals interested in using the collection are encouraged to consult with the Tretter curator before requesting access to the collection.

The collection contains the following materials types: newsletters, reports, minutes and agendas, correspondence, biographical materials, clippings, magazines, newspapers and news clippings, flyers, event publicity, manuscripts and typescripts, photographs, videotapes, state and federal government publications and ephemora.

Along with other gay activists, including Korren Phillips and Jack Baker, Halfhill was involved in University of Minnesota student government, and help establish ULGC (University Lesbian Gay Community) the first gay student association on campus. Materials fromULGC, the MSA (Minnesota Student Assocation) and FREE (Fight Repression of Erotic Expression) are included in the collection.

Halfhill was also involved in the founding and ongoing political activity of the Minnesota chapter of ACT UP: consequently, users will find a substantial amount of material from the organization generated between 1989 and 1994 when Halfhill served as the groups treasurer and secretary, including financial information, meeting minutes, action flyers, internal memos, reports, bulletins form the New York chapter of ACT UP, as well as other regional chapters. There is also a quantity of news clippings concerning actions staged by the local ACT UP.

Halfhill was a prodigious writer, and researchers will find a variety of types of writing, as befits an individual involved for most of his adult life in community politics, including research notes, article drafts, letters to the editor, manuscripts and typescripts of articles and book-length works of fiction and nonfiction. There is also a large quantity of personal correspondence located throughout the collection.

Halfhill also made several unsuccessful attempts to a win city council seat in Minneapolis's 6th ward. There is a signifigant amount of campaign literature in the collection, accompanied by news clippings, voter information and election filing forms.

Other subject areas of interest included in the collection are materials (correspondence, news articles) concerning prisoners with AIDS; AIDS/HIV drug testing; police harrassement of gay men; housing for persons living with AIDS/HIV; and Minneapolis ward politics.

Subject Terms
Index Terms
  • This collection is indexed under the following headings in the catalog in the Univesrity of Minnesota Libraries. researchers desiring materials about related topics, persons or places should search the catalog using these headings.
  • Halfhill, Robert.
  • Baker, Richard Jon.
  • ACT UP.
  • AIDS Activists.
  • Gay Liberation Movement--United States-History.
Contents List
 Location  Title
Box 1
Newsletters Concerning AIDS Funding, Gay Men's Centers, AIDS Trials and Gay Foundations; Handwritten Meeting Notes; Miscellaneous. 1990-2002 Box 1
Box 2
Organization Newsletters, including AIDS HIV Clinical Trials, Crime Prevention, Women and AIDS, ACT UP, Housing and the AIDS Crisis; Materials on Civilian Review Boards. 1987-1997  Box 2
Box 3
Newsletters for Minnesota HIV Services Planning Council, PW ALIVE Newsletter , State of Minnesota Health Services and Assorted Publications from Government and Social Service Organizations. 1983-1997  Box 3
Box 4
Minneapolis ACT UP Committee Correspondence with Evie Johnson; ACT UP Minnesota Minutes and Treasurer's Reports (1993-1994); Halfhill Personal Correspondence and Historical Materials. 1950-1990s  Box 4
Box 5
Clippings, Newsletters, Precinct Caucus Reports; Clippings, Government Reports on AIDS in Correctional Facilities; ACT UP materials (Local, Regional and National); News Clippings Concerning Gay Bookstore Arrests. 1994-1997  Box 5
Box 6
Correspondence (Halfhill letter to DFL delegates seeking endorsement for 7th ward alderman, materials on rent control in Hartford, CT.); "FREE" and Michael McConnell; "Gay" Course Through the Human Relations Curriculum, U of Minnesota; Police/ Gay Relations; University of Minnesota Student Groups 1970-1980. 1964-1997  Box 6
Box 7
Halfhill Correspondence with Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors; Halfhill Notes on "Gay Supremacy"; Official ACT UP Correspondence from HalfHill to FDA Regarding "Guidelines for the Study and Evaluation of Gender Difference of Drugs." 1960s-1990s  Box 7
Box 8
Gay Magazines and Newspapers, including Evergreen Review , OBLIVION: The San Francisco Bay Area's Queer Arts Guide ; California Nightlife , and Straight Twin Cities Tabloids. 1969-1990 Box 8
Box 9
STAR TRIBUNE, PIONEER PRESS Clippings and Full Paper Sections; Gay Merchandise Catalogs; ACT UP/MAP-Related Copies of Minutes, Clippings, Press Releases. 1990s-2000 Box 9
Note Many duplicates of contents in earlier boxes.
Box 10
University Police Tea Room Reports; Halfhill Biographical; Halfhill Correspondence to Paul Wellstone over DOMA; Halfhill Notes and Essays on Gay History, Gay Liberation, Liberalism and Gay Issues; ACT UP Clippings, Updates; Boycott of HRC; Halfhill Letters; Run for City Council, Campaign Literature; "Parchman Litigation"-- Mississippi Prisoner Advocacy; Berean League Materials and Report on Berean League by Halfhill and Eric Shambach; Minnesota Supreme Court Brief, "Baker and McConnell vs. Gerald Nelson" (original); Halfhill Typescript "On History of Homosexuality"; Gay Liberation Booklets on Combating Police Repression (Ken Tilsen, RABL); Minnesota State Supreme Court Brief, "Jack Baker vs. Robert Alfton, MPLS City Attorney"; "Socialism and Gay Liberation" Halfhill, GMPDG Paper #1 (Gay Men's Political Discussion Group). 1990s-2000 Box 10
Box 11
Miscellaneous Clippings, Primarily on AIDS and Police Harassment; State Statute, Crime Prevention and Halfhill Letters to Officials Regarding Situation; PWA ALIVE Newsletter; Halfhill Parchman Prison Correspondence with Karl Tyler; Bath House Closing Controversy Materials. 1990s Box 11
Box 12
All Clippings. Copies of Articles from Twin Cities and Minnesota Papers on GLBT topics. 1975-1980  Box 12
Box 13
Gay Events History Index Card Covering Topics, Pre-and Post Stonewall; FREE Flyers; GAYVUE Magazine; METROPOLIS WEEKLY Anita Bryant Pie Throwing Coverage; UPTOWN VOICE, UPTOWN GAYZETTE , Multiple Issues; THE FREE VOICE ; Copies of Letter to Editor, EQUAL TIMES ; Miscellaneous Publications from Organizations Including Minnesota Council for Nonprofits, ACLU, Socialist, Secular Humanist and Unitarian Organization Flyers and Newsletters. 1970s-1990s Box 13
Box 14
UPMAGAZINE: Queer Culture for the Young and Mighty (Minneapolis); EQUAL TIME DIRECTORY; AWAKENING GAY SPIRIT Jim Kepner; PULSE (Minneapolis); REFELCTIONS ON LORING POND (Includes Chapter on Loring Gay/Lesbian Community Written by Halfhill; TWIN CITIES DIRECTORY OF GRASS ROOTS AND SOCIAL CHANGE ; Headwaters (Miscellaneous Flyers); Newsletters, Mailings from the following: Lavender Green Party Caucus, ACLU, MAP, PFLAG, OUTFRONT, Minnesota DFL Caucus, Minnesota Atheists, Minneapolis Public Library, Pride Alive, Lambda Legal, PETA, Minnesota Positive, Gay Men's Health Crisis,Lesbian/Gay Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, arise! Bookstore; LORING COMMUNITY CRIER, TOWN CRIER, SURVEYOR; Materials on Loring Park and Newsletters of Loring Park Community (CLPC); AIDS AND PRISONS: THE FACTS ; Halfhill Letters to the Editor of CITY PAGES. 1980-2000  Box 14
Box 15
Domestic Partnerships; GLCAC Hate Crimes; Community Patrol; Queer Nation Miscellaneous Flyers; Mailings for Gay Survival Fund; Local, State and National AIDS and AIDS Services; NONVIOLENT ACTIVIST (newsletter; arise! Bookstore Tabloid; "aidseventslinehiv" Newsletter; Unattributed Pamphlet on Separation of Church and State; Petitions Addressed to MPLS City Council Concerning Vice Squad; Prostitution Laws and Police Harassment; District 202 Newsletters; Aliveness Newsletters; Catholic Pastoral Committee on Sexual Minorities Newsletters; Personal Correspondence with the Following --Walt Apple, Dean Olsen, Phil Vaughn, Mike Garrett, Mrs. Robert Halfhill Sr. 1980-2001  Box 15
Box 16
Minnesota Department of Health Weekly Surveillance Reports on AIDS RADICAL AMERICA (1987); GAY LEFT (1978-1979); EVERGREEN CHRONICLES (1985); BLACK/OUT (Fall 1986); inforum (1994-1995); POMEGRANATE (1981); MCGR LESBIAN GAY NEWS BRIEFS (1977-1978) ; TOGETHER (1977) NORTHLAND COMPANION ; "Constitutional Right To Privacy: Sodomy Laws" Ronald Hook, MCLU; "Community Attitudes on Homosexuality and About Homosexuals: A Report on the Environment in Norman Oklahoma", Norman Human Rights Commission; "Gay Liberation and Socialism: Documents from the Discussions on Gay Liberation Inside the Socialist Workers Party", (1970-1973); David Thorstad Correspondence and Writings on Various Topics; Reprints Concerning Bowers Vs. Hardwick; Personal Correspondence and Journal Entries; Profiles of Various Twin Cities Gay Male Leaders; Miscellaneous MCLU/ACLU Publications; City of Minneapolis Elections; Clippings from Local Papers About Violence Against Gays and Lesbians. 1971-1990  Box 16
Box 17
NORMAL Documentation; Miscellaneous Documentation from the 1970s, including Materials Concerning Gay House, University of Minnesota, Course Materials for History of Homosexuality; IGLA/Jim Kepner Legal; National Lawyers Guild and Peoples College of Law; Minnesota Health Commissioner's Task Force on AIDS; Governor Perpich's Task Force on Lesbian and Gay Minnesotans; Minnesota Freedom PAC Election Events; GALA (Gay Atheists); MAP Mailings, Brouchures and Newsletters; GAY COMMUNITY NEWS; Gay and Lesbian Task Force Reports; Gay House Publicity; Outfront Minnesota Conference; Miscellaneous Pamphlets About Safe Sex. 1980s-1990s  Box 17
Box 18
Correspondence, including FREE/Minnesota; Check Ledger, Tim Campbell for Mayor Donations; Donations Ledger, Halfhill For State Senate Checkbook; Gay Pride Committee Stamp and Checks; Halfhill for Alderman Checks; Index Cards with Details of Acts of Violence Throughout 1970s and 1980s in Minnesota; Correspondence for the UPTOWN VOICE and FREE VOICE ; "Aids: Its Nature and Origin" Drs. Jacob and Lilli Segal; Videos: "On The Street" National Runaways Project and "Getting Away with Murder", "Preach In Church, Teach In School", "Winter Solstice"; "God Can Do Whatever He Wants"; Copies of Minnesota State Statues, Mostly about Health-Related Issues. 1970s  Box 18
Box 19
Miscellaneous Political and Queer Buttons; "Gay Lesbian Community Action Counsel" Whistle and Flyers Promoting Condom Use in English and Spanish; "We Demand A Cure" Stickers; Twin Cities Pride Buttons and Posters, 1977-1992; Cut out Facemask of Barbara Carlson as Hitler (19 Bar Controversy); Tee Shirts for ACT UP Chicago and Steven Farmer Defense Fund; IMPERIALISM: THE HIGHEST STAGE OF CAPITALISM . V.I. LENIN Reprint; ACT UP Banner. 1980s-1990s  Box 19
Box 20
ACT UP/Gay Liberation Front/Minnesota ACT UP Miscellaneous Materials; "Forced HIV Testing of Incarcerated People" Article by Oliver Branch; ACT UP Flyers on various issues; Halfhill Correspondence to People and Organizations; SEATTLE GAY NEWS ; Newsletter from ACT UP Paris (In French); Mixture of ACT UP Minneapolis Minutes and Halfhill Essays Interfiled with ACT UP Public Awareness Materials. 1990s  Box 20
Box 21
HIV AIDS Prevention in Minnesota Schools, Report "AIDS Testing, Acquisition, Monitoring, Estimation or Spread", Minnesota Dept. of Education; Various Documents, Mix of Minnesota and National; Minnesota Gay/Bisexual Men's Questionnaire, Minnesota Department of Health Concerning AIDS; HCCM (Health Care Campaign Minnesota); "Preventing HIV Transmission in Health Care Settings", National Commission on AIDS Report; SENATE BRIEFLY ; "School District AIDS Policy Development, Parts One and Two; Minnesota Department of Education; NGLTF Report: "The AIDS/HIV Epidemic: Minnesota Department of Health Programs." 1986-1993  Box 21
Box 22
Personal Correspondence; Letters to the Editor by Halfhill; Essays on Gay Issues; Halfhill "McCormick Debate"; Typescript Copies of Articles that Appeared in Local GL Newspapers; "Minnesota Vietnam News" Anti-War Newsletter (5-6 issues). Halfhill and Others Essays on the War and Socialism/Communism; Essays for Philosophy 190 by Halfhill; Chapter Typescript "Priapus is Lord" Science Fiction Novel by Halfhill; Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors; Materials on 19 Bar Closure; Elections Flyers, 1970s; Minneapolis Elections Court Petition for Donald Potter vs. LaSalle Court Sports and Health Club; Notes for Novel on 3x4 note pad. 1970s-1980s  Box 22
Box 23
Halfhill Novel Typescript; "Unnatural?" Halfhill Pamphlet with Philosophical Arguments about Homosexuality; NEW LIBERTARIAN 9 Issues; Founding Documents from the National Fantasy Fan Federation; University of Minnesota Policies and Procedures for Non-University Organizations Using University Facilities, FREE correspondence; Flyers from Gay Organizations Affiliated with Universities, including U of KS in Lawrence and HUB in Boston; Seattle TVIS Newsletters; ACT UP Minnesota; PRIDE GUIDE 1994; Fans From the Guthrie's Production of the "The Rovers"; Stickers; More Notes on Novel; Miscellaneous Pamphlets; Materials Relating to Halfhill Defamation Suit Against Jack Baker; Miscellany, including Travel Company Brochures, University Gay and Lesbian Community, Twin Cities Gay Men's Chorus, Central American Covert Wars, 9/11, Police Harassment, Police/Gay Softball League. 1974-1983  Box 23
Box 24
Miscellaneous Notes and Clippings; Banking and Other Receipts; Miscellaneous Consumer Catalogs; Paste Up for "Homophobia and the Berean League Report"; Paste Up for Citizens Party 7th Ward Council Run Brochure; Minnesota/Minneapolis Local Election Flyers and Halfhill Correspondence: Minnesota Attorney General's Office Articles and Letters by Halfhill on GLBT Issues; Publisher Correspondence, Catalogs and Excerpts from PRIAPUS; Typeset Citizens Party Materials; Clippings on Mariel Boat Lift; " LAVENDAR UNDERGROUND " Travel Brochures; Full Local and Neighborhood Newspapers; RENAISSANCE: The Semi-Official Organ of the Second Foundation on Science Fiction Newsletter; Letter from Crane Winton to Robert Halfhill; Miscellaneous Surveys and Questionnaires; Signed Petitions Concerning Rent Control in Minneapolis; Signed Petitions on Behalf of Halfhill to Run for Senate District 49 Seat as a Gay Survival Party Candidate; THE FREE VOICE, Multiple Issues. 1974-1983  Box 24
Box 25
PRIAPUS Manuscript; Publishers Directories; Bumper Sticker "Boycott Coors"; Miscellaneous Flyers and Publicity Halfhill 7th Ward Election. 1980s  Box 25
Box 26
PFLAG Signed Petition Demanding the Hiring of Michael McConnell at University of Minnesota; Unidentified Survey Tabulations Marked "Males Only"; Out and About Theater, Out On the Town Theater brochures; Miscellaneous PFUND and Human Rights Coalition; Gay Rights Bill Activities; No! On Repealing the St Paul Gay Rights Ordinance; Miscellaneous Elections-Related-- Includes "Survey of Rents and Housing Affordability" City of Minneapolis Report; "View From the Lost" Newsletters; Book Publishing Information and Book Catalogs, Halfhill Letters to Publishers and Replies; Small Amount of Miscellaneous Documentation Including Banking Receipts, Purchase Receipts, Community Card Packs, Bills Legislative Directories 1979, 1981-1982 1981-1993  Box 26
Box 27
Flyers for Speaker's Forum; Copies of Halfhill Letter to Warren Spannus; Calendars; Flyers for Speaker's Forum; Election Poster for Halfhill Run for MSA President; Miscellaneous News Clippings, including 1/8 box Vietnam War Clippings; Miscellaneous Materials, Some Election Related; Handwritten Notes. 1967-1980s  Box 27
Box 28
AIDS-Related ITS TIME NGLTF newsletter, GLAAD Bulletin and GLAAD Newsletter GL Voice, LAVENDER LEFT; Berean League Materials; Human Rights Campaign Fund; NAMBLA; Names Project; Minnesota Atheists; Minnesota Council for the Church and the Homophile Gay House; IDS FAX : updates from the Minnesota AIDS Action Network; Minnesota Department of Health, Budgets and Commissioner's Task Force Meeting Notes; Women and Men Together: A Journal of Opinion and News by the Minnesota Committee For Gay Rights; NGLTF; Mailers Fund For Human Dignity; Mailers "No More Assaults" Project; Gay Men's Domestic Abuse Gay Community Services, Minneapolis. 1980s-1990s  Box 28
Box 29
Election Related-Minnesota DFL; Names Project Mailings; NAMBLA; New Union Project; Minnesota Families News; Minnesota Freedom Band Concert Flyer; PACIFIC EXCHANGE Newsletters; NORMAL Mailings;Out and About Theater, Out On The Town Theater Brochures, Programs and Production Flyers; NOLAG (National Organization of Lesbians and Gays) National March for Lesbian and Gay Rights-San Francisco and Compiled Resolutions Passed by NOLAG and the Proceedings of the Minneapolis Coordinating Committee Meeting; Lavender Left Newsletter; ON PARADE!: Newspaper of the Lesbian/Gay Freedom Day Parade and Coalition; Target City/Jack Baker Law Suit; OUR VOICE Newsletter; Quatrefoil Library Newsletters, Mailings; City of Minneapolis Election Tallies and Voting by Precinct; MAFC (Minnesota AIDS Funding Consortium) Reports; Burke for 6th Ward Election Materials; PIGTALES (Minneapolis Police Department) Newsletter About; Human Rights Coalition Lobby Group Directory; Humanists of Minnesota; Low Income Housing Information; Minnesota Scouting for All Coalition; Note cards with dates and titles. 1976-2002  Box 29
Box 30
SATURDAY EVENING POST, LOOK, LIFE, READERS DIGEST on AIDS; TIME, NEWSWEEK on AIDs, homosexuality, gays in the military; QQ MAGAZINE FOR GAY GUYS; THE COLUMN ; MINNESOTA NORTHWEST: The Magazine by Involved Gays; GAYLIFE (1977); GAY SUNSHINE (1970-1972); GAY PRIDE (San Francisco, 1972); THE GAY LIBERATOR (1972); GRASS ROOTS (1974); CROSS CURRENTS (1973); CRITIQUE OF AMERICA (1986); VECTOR Calendar (1973) HARPER'S; Chicago Gay Alliance Newsletters; CONTACT (1975); THE NEW VOICE (Texas, Louisiana, 1992); AVATAR (1977); WINDY CITY TIMES (1987); GAY CHICAGO NEWS (1977); GAYLIFE (1987); PLAIN TRUTH, The Magazine of Understanding (1973); BALTIMORE ALTERNATIVE (1993); WI LITE and WI IN (2000); COLORS (1994); ESSENCE (1994); GENRE (1991); INTERNATIONAL MALE (1995); CRITIQUE OF AMERICA (1987); DISCOVER (1985). 1960S-1980S  Box 30
Box 31
Palmer Writers School (Halfhill completed correspondence lessons with the school. Materials include writing lessons and workbooks, as well as some instructor correspondence. 1/8 box); City Elections-Related, 1/3 box; Election-Related News Clippings, mostly of Star Tribune ; State and Local Newspapers and Newsletters, including MINNESOTA WORK COMP REPORT, BRYN MAWR BUGLE, MINNESOTA DAILY, THE SURVEYOR, TWIN CITIES READER, LORING COMMUNITY CRIER. 1960s-1980s  Box 31
Box 32
Files From the Law Office of Gary Rankila; 1/2 box Christmas Cards. 1985-1990  Box 32
Box 33
ACT UP Audiotape; "What Does the Future Hold for Us" Watchtower Study. 1991, 1993 & 2001  Box 33
Box 34
Cancelled Checks; Baker vs. Nelson (1971); Human Rights Campaign Fund; Gay Bath Houses, Minneapolis Ordinances and AIDS; Gay Rights Conference (1975); Matthew Stark; Gay Community Services; Minnesota Gay and Lesbian Legal Assistance (MinnesotaGALA); AIDS; Norman vs. California (1982); MinnesotaGALA/MCLUF Conference (1986); Sharon Kowalski (1991) Gay Pride; MCLU CIVIL LIBERTIES NEWS ; MCLU Litigation; MCLU Documents; Letter from Scott Paulson to Halfhiill; Folder Labeled "Correspondence with R.N. Boyd." 1971-2000  Box 34
Box 35
SESSION BRIEFLY SESSION WEEKLY; Remainder of box is representative of much of the collection: mostly local, mostly secondary materials, from AIDS organizations, Minnesota state departments of health, candidate letters, state officials to constituent letters. Many of the materials are duplicates of contents in other boxes. ACT UP, all aspects of AIDS/HIV, elections, multiple copies of state statutes impacting gays, non-profits and project funding. 2000  Box 35
Box 36
Box 37
Box is representative of much of the collection: 1970-1996, mostly local, mostly secondary materials, from AIDS organizations, Minnesota state departments of health, candidate letters, state officials to constituent letters. Many of the materials are duplicates of contents in other boxes. ACT UP, all aspects of AIDS/HIV, elections, multiple copies of state statutes impacting gays, non-profits and project funding. 1970-1996  Box 37
Box 38
Clippings from Kentucky papers on social issues, primarily freedom of speech, "Handbill issues". 1963  Box 38
Box 39
Magazines. 1970s-1990s  Box 39
Box 40
ACT UP (PRIDE-related) and Miscellaneous ACT UP Personal Correspondence with Mike Backstrom; Miscellaneous Personal Correspondence; Handwritten Notes; "Sex Is" Flyers for Documentary Film Petition Forms on Behalf of HIV paitient Todd Baylow; SILENT RIDERS , Book on Kentucky Civil War History; Minutes of Grassroots Party Meetings, Minneapolis UPTOWN VOICE; ACT UP Minnesota Bulletins; Halfhill Correspondence with Edina Police Chief; Unidentified Ledger with name "Charles Glynn" on cover; GMPDG Paper #2 (Homophobia and Berean League) Miscellaeous Material from University Gay Liberation Center, Personal Health- Related Mailing (cigerette cessation, hearing loss, medication UPTOWN VOICE invoices; "Sex vs. Radicalism" essay by Halfhill, related to companion material on gay cruising; Typescript copies of "Pax Imperium" for reader comments, and letter to Halfhill from Gordon Dickson with commentary on story; Correspondence with Minnesota Mensa; Typescript copies for readers of "Guerilla Fighter", story by RH; Treasurer Filing Materials for City Elections; News Articles and Miscellaeous Information on Tim Campbell Assault; Bank Statements for Lesbian Gay Activist Organization; RH Inquiries to Publishing Houses about Publication of Priapian Novel; Folder Marked "Thesis Notes"; Elections-Related. 1969-2001  Box 40