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Lois Lowry Papers

Summary Information
Title: Lois Lowry
Dates: 1977-1993
Creator: Lowry, Lois
Location: See Detailed Descriptions for Each Title Item for Box Locations
Language: English
Collection Number: CLRC-54
Lois Lowry's papers focus on the genesis, process, revision and publication of her books for children and young adults. The collection includes typescripts, galley proofs, and correspondence between Ms. Lowry and her editors.

Repository: University of Minnesota Libraries Children's Literature Research Collections

Access and Use
Access Restrictions:

Collection is open for researchers with no restrictions. Registration with the collection is required.


This collection is protected by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code). It is the user's responsibility to verify copyright ownership and to obtain all necessary permissions prior to the reproduction, publication, or other use of any portion of these materials.


Anastasia At Your Service, 1982

Autumn Street, 1980

Find a Stranger, Say Goodbye, 1978

Giver, The, 1993

Number the Stars, 1989

The One Hundredth Thing about Caroline, 1983

Rabble Starkey, 1987

A Summer to Die, 1977

Anastasia Absolutely, 1995

Gathering Blue, 2000

See You Around Sam!, 1996

The Silent Boy, 2003

Stay: Keeper's Story, 1997

Biographical Sketch

Born March 20, 1937, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Lois Lowry had her B.A. at University of Southern Maine in 1972 and went on to graduate study. She's known as a children's book author and photographer since 1972. As an award-winning author of young-adult novels, she is perhaps best known for the Newbery Award-winning novel Number the Stars and her futuristic trilogy consisting of The Giver, Gathering Blue, and Messenger. Never one to shy from controversy, her novels deal with topics ranging from the death of a sibling and the Nazi occupation of Denmark to the humorous antics of a rebellious teen named Anastasia Krupnik, to futuristic dystopian societies. Although Lowry's books explore a variety of settings and characters, she distills from her work a single unifying theme: "the importance of human connections," as she wrote on her home page.

Biography source: Some Thing About The Author Volume 177, 2007

Collection Scope and Content Note

Subject Terms
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  • Lowry, Lois
Collection Contents
 Location  Title
Anastasia At Your Service 1982 
Note DeGroat, Diane
Boston: Houghton, 1982
Box MF 1024
typescript, corrected, photocopy (128 p.)  Box MF 1024
galley proof (53 p.)  Box MF 1024
front matter (4 p.)  Box MF 1024
Autumn Street 1980 
Note  Boston: Houghton, 1980
Box MF 573
typescript, corrected partial photocopy (153 p.)  Box MF 573
typescript, corrected, photocopy (157 p.)  Box MF 573
galley proof (78 p.)  Box MF 573
Find a Stranger, Say Goodbye 1978 
Note  Boston: Houghton, 1978
Box MF 574
typescript, corrected (176 p.)  Box MF 574
Box MF 5745
typescript, corrected partial photocopy (186 p.)  Box MF 5745
Box MF 574
typescript, corrected photocopy (172 p.)  Box MF 574
Giver, The 1993 
Note  Boston: Houghton, 1993
Box MF 1941
typescript (384 p.)  Box MF 1941
typescript, photocopy (180 p.)  Box MF 1941
typescript, corrected photocopy (334 p.)  Box MF 1941
Correspondence from Lowry and editor (19 p.)  Box MF 1941
Box MF 2341,2316
typescript (205 p.)  Box MF 2341,2316
typescript, corrected (208 p.)  Box MF 2341,2316
Page proof (39 p.)  Box MF 2341,2316
correspondence (65 p.)  Box MF 2341,2316
clippings (7 p.)  Box MF 2341,2316
pamphlet (1 p.)  Box MF 2341,2316
Number the Stars 1989 
Note  Boston: Houghton, 1989
Box MF 1461
typescript, corrected (306 p.)  Box MF 1461
typescript, corrected [copy-edited] (153 p.)  Box MF 1461
galley proof, corrected (43 p.)  Box MF 1461
correspondence [from Lowry and editor] (3 p.)  Box MF 1461
The One Hundredth Thing about Caroline 1983 
Note  Boston: Houghton, 1983
Box MF 1024
typescript, corrected (124 p.)  Box MF 1024
Rabble Starkey 1987 
Note  Boston: Houghton, 1987
Box MF 1461, folders 1-9
typescript, corrected (2 drafts) (421 p.)  Box MF 1461, folders 1-9
Box MF 1461, folder 9
correspondence (Lowry and Editor) (3 p.)  Box MF 1461, folder 9
A Summer to Die 1977 
Note Oliver, Jenni
Boston: Houghton, 1977
Box MF 574
typescript, corrected (153 p.)  Box MF 574
Anastasia Absolutely 1995 
Note  Boston: Houghton, 1995
Box MF 2318
typescript corrected (137 p.)  Box MF 2318
page proof (125 p.)  Box MF 2318
Page proof corrected (125 p.)  Box MF 2318
Correspondence (1 p.)  Box MF 2318
Gathering Blue 2000 
Note  Boston : Houghton, 2000
Box MF 3131
typescript (217 p.)  Box MF 3131
typescript, corrected (221 p.)  Box MF 3131
typescript (224 p.)  Box MF 3131
jacket art (31 p.)  Box MF 3131
See You Around Sam! 1996 
Note DeGrout, Diane
Boston: Houghton, 1996
Box MF2341
typescript (8 p.)  Box MF2341
typescript, corrected (117 p.)  Box MF2341
page proof (5 p.)  Box MF2341
correspondence (7 p.)  Box MF2341
notes (4 p.)  Box MF2341
The Silent Boy 2003 
Note  Boston: Houghton, 2003
Box MF 3132
typescript (168 p.)  Box MF 3132
front matter (2 p.)  Box MF 3132
typescript (178 p.)  Box MF 3132
front matter (2 p.)  Box MF 3132
correspondence (6 p.)  Box MF 3132
Stay: Keeper's Story 1997 
Note Kelley, True
Boston: Houghton, 1997
Box MF 3132
correspondence (17 p.)  Box MF 3132
typescript, corrected (7 p.)  Box MF 3132
cover art (8 p.)  Box MF 3132
Galley proof corrected (118 p.)  Box MF 3132