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Data Processing Management Association Records, 1950-1993. Finding Aid.
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Video Tapes  
Note Also includes a few cassette tapes.
Box 24
Child/Wo/Man/Creature/Earth, Siebert, Beth 1981  Box 24
It, Schwerdtfeger, Toshiko 1982  Box 24
S.P.R.I.N.G./F.A.L.L. ANAGRAM, Schwerdtfeger, Toshiko 1982  Box 24
Car Parts, Potts, Steve undated  Box 24
Red Dress; Saungg, Morris, Wendy undated  Box 24
Birthdreams, Huebner, Elizabeth undated  Box 24
Sojourn, Howard, Judith undated  Box 24
Interchange, Heist, Becky 1981  Box 24
Borders; Dolmen; Sonno Nel Corpo, Habermas-Scher, Marilyn undated  Box 24
Cycle, Part III, Hausser, Nancy undated  Box 24
Wheeling; Manspirit; Cycle (parts I and II), Hausser, Nancy undated  Box 24
Minnesota Living History, Hausser, Nancy undated  Box 24
Decameron, Flaig, Carl undated  Box 24
Box 25
Dance Africa/America, Davis, Chuck 1997 ( 2 tapes)  Box 25
Heart and Pole; Cherry Street; Dance Dives; Hot Buttered Popcorn; Backstage Scrimmage, Stephens, Georgia undated  Box 25
Welfare, undated  Box 25
Water Sounds, undated  Box 25
Rain Tails Out, undated  Box 25
Blanic, undated  Box 25
Faculty Dance Recital (Tails Out), 1982 ( 2 tapes)  Box 25
Pele, Esposito, Rob 1985  Box 25
Oracle, 1984  Box 25
Tour de Tour, Potts, Steve undated  Box 25
Deep in the Heart… Second Generation, undated  Box 25
The Carlton Dance Ensemble - Debut Concert, 1980  Box 25
Apple Jack, undated  Box 25
Three Feet from the Moon, Callahan, Colleen and Maria Genne 1988  Box 25
Untitled, Cheng undated  Box 25
Time is Vicious (If You Take it for Granted), Angel of Progress, 1993  Box 25
Video Sample #1, Colvin, Miriam 2001  Box 25
Work Samples, Rusch, Colin undated  Box 25
Work Sample (Meltiag Medicine and Moments in Between), Simas, Rosy 2000-2001 ( 2 tapes)  Box 25
Excerpts from Repertoire, Ramaswamy, Aparna and Kats Fukasawa undated  Box 25
Choreography/Improvisation, Simas, Rosy 1999 ( 2 tapes)  Box 25
Scenes from "The Dancers and Drummers of Langa," Johnson, Morris undated  Box 25
Savage Aural Hotbed and the Flying Foor Forum, Chvala, Joe 1992  Box 25
PBS/Butoh, Fleming, Maureen undated  Box 25
Box 26
Liz Lerman Dance Exchange, Promotional Video, undated  Box 26
Ragamala Music and Dance Theater, Sample Reel, 2000  Box 26
Wynn Fricke's Borrowed Bones Dance Theatre, undated  Box 26
Figures in Tension; In Subterranean Caves, Fricke, Wynn undated  Box 26
Dreaming with Serpents, Aguilar, Gustavo undated  Box 26
Red Walls (Section II); Andvari's Curse (Table Excerpts); Berserks (Section 1), Chvala, Joe undated  Box 26
Momentum: New Dance Works, Ramaswamy, Aparna 2002  Box 26
Video Sample #2, Colvin, Miriam undated  Box 26
Untitled, Miller, Jason undated  Box 26
Momentum: New Dance, Holt, Jason 2002  Box 26
Untitled, Ma, Shouze undated  Box 26
Momentum: Work Samples, Wick, David John 2002  Box 26
Green Fruit; Un Hommage, Hart, Jennifer undated  Box 26
Two; PB and J; Bumbble, Garner, J., S. Wiltgen and B. Davis, undated  Box 26
Self Storage, Cohen, Risa 2001  Box 26
Work in Progress at Cabaret, Morris, Wendy undated  Box 26
Goodbye Solo, Ramaswamy, Ranee 1998  Box 26
Flying Foot Forum, 1994  Box 26
Untitled, Freeh, Penelope undated  Box 26
Untitled, Holt, Jennifer undated  Box 26
Noche de Aire Flamenco, Roche, Barbara undated  Box 26
Toe the White Line, Thorson, Morgan undated  Box 26
Taken (Excerpt), Franks, Zhauna 2001  Box 26
Songs for the Body Electric, Girourard, Gerry 1997  Box 26
It Took Great Luck for You to Be a Winner, undated  Box 26
HIJACK, Van Loon, Kristen and Arwen Wilder undated  Box 26
Gravity Games, Girourard, Gerry 2000  Box 26
Video Work Sample, Jerome Travel Study Grant, Girourard, Gerry 2001  Box 26
Work Samples, Hardenbergh, Marylee 2001  Box 26
If I Shut My Eyes, You Can't See Me, Johnson, Emily undated  Box 26
The Mongrel, Phi, Thien-bao undated  Box 26
Improve solo "Conversation" Improv duet "Loser," Simas, Rosy 1999  Box 26
Dance Excerpts, Mann, Paula 1996-2000  Box 26
Untitled, McConneloug, Shawn undated  Box 26
In a Room, Gambling; Speak Slow, Abandon Caution; In a Room, Gambling, Stiehm, Robin 2001  Box 26
Ballet of the Dolls, Johnson, Myran 2001  Box 26
Choreomania! 2001  Box 26
HIJACK WorkSample, Van Loon, Kristen and Arwen Wilder undated  Box 26
Video Sample #3, Colvin, Miriam undated  Box 26
Dance Chicago Excerpts, 1996  Box 26
New and Slightly Used Dance, Jenson, Matt undated  Box 26
Songs of Norway; The Two Fridas; Corridors of Sleep, Fricke, Wynn and C. Witt undated  Box 26
Box 27
Open Mind, Elliot, D. 1985  Box 27
Choreographers' Symposium, 1986  Box 27
Jumpstart, Dean, Madeline 1988  Box 27
Fusions; Inner Life, Habermas-Scher, Marilyn and Alan Lindblad 1986  Box 27
An Amnesia, Petronio, Stephen 1990 ( 2 tapes)  Box 27
4 Tiny Dancers in a Box of Light, Morris, Wendy 1984  Box 27
Coming Apart; Slave Songs; Single Image, Easter, Mary 1977-1983  Box 27
Song and Dance, Shapiro, Linda undated  Box 27
Minnesota Independent Choreographers Alliance Fellowship Recipients, undated  Box 27
Studio X: A Series of Six Experimental Dance Events, undated  Box 27
Fusions; Inner Life, Habermass-Scher, Marilyn and Alan Lindblad  Box 27
Dress Rehearsal/Ordway Studio Theatre, Elliot, Dianne 1986 ( 2 tapes)  Box 27
Box 28
Minnesota Independent Choreographers Alliance Demo Tape - Phase 1, undated  Box 28
Sonno Del Corpo, Habermass-Scher, Marilyn undated  Box 28
Acquired Characters, Clarke, Chris undated  Box 28
Charhumtanba, Cheng, Maria undated  Box 28
Color Bars and Video Black, undated  Box 28
Dolmen, Habermass-Scher, Marilyn undated  Box 28
Chronological Montage, Hardenbergh, Marylee undated  Box 28
Dance Theatre, Hayden, Larry 1977  Box 28
Child/Wo/Man/Creature/Earth, Siebert, Beth undated  Box 28
Untitled, Mangus, Nancy and Nancy Doede 1982  Box 28
Random Selection, Buraczesk, Danny 1981-1985  Box 28
Minnesota Independence Choreographers Alliance Demo Tape - Phase II, undated  Box 28
Sample Tape Dance Video, undated  Box 28
Interchange, Heist, Becky undated  Box 28
Dancescapes, 1983  Box 28
Box 29
The Rye Unsettled, Langberg, Krista and Jane Shockley undated  Box 29
Double Exposure, Elliot, Diane undated  Box 29
It, Schwerdtfeger, Toshiko undated  Box 29
Minnesota Dance Alliance/McKnight Audition Tape, Latta, Timothy 1995  Box 29
Raw, Kingman, Marcela and Elizabeth Stifter undated  Box 29
Dance USA, Jenkins, Margaret 1981  Box 29
Star Bodies, Weller, Lovice undated  Box 29
In My House, Stephens, Georgia 1986  Box 29
P.O.L.K.A. Alley Piece, 1991  Box 29
In Full Sun, Johnston-Coursey, Mary undated  Box 29
The Ethnic Dance Theatre, LaCourse, Renee 1988  Box 29
Romantic Options on Compromising Positions, Loewen, Debra 1989  Box 29
Psyche, Lindblad, Alan undated  Box 29
Young Dance "Stories in Motion," Genne, Maria 1993  Box 29
Summer Dance, Locke, Kevin 1989  Box 29
Choreographic Excerpts, Lynn, Molly 1990  Box 29
Tech Rehearsal, 1980  Box 29
MDA Duluth, 1988  Box 29
Sense of Direction; Hand in Hand, Also Eyes, Engel, Michael undated  Box 29
Mandala; Holding On; Aftermath/Affirmation, McDemott/Traditional Irish 1990-1991  Box 29
Cross My Heart, Larson, Karla undated  Box 29
Strange Loyalties, Maye, Monica 1985  Box 29
Work Sample, Lindblad, Alan 1988  Box 29
Desperate, Lindblad, Alan 1991 ( 2 tapes)  Box 29
Box 30
Elegy, Harding, Mary 1992  Box 30
Choreographers' Showcase, 1979  Box 30
Habibi Dancers, undated  Box 30
A Large and Changing Room, Ghilen, Mary undated  Box 30
The Cry of Thoth, Gilbert, Jan undated  Box 30
Short Order, Gleason, Pam 1992  Box 30
Some People, Easter, Mary 1987  Box 30
Grubbers, Picket People, Jumpers, Skinners and Retrievers; Masks; On Monday, and Tuesday, and Wednesday!; First Pearl (From a String of Pearls); River Between; Voices, Shapiro, Linda, Laurie Van Wieren, Allison Easter, Madeline, Claire Decoster, and Marilyn Habermass-Scher undated  Box 30
Flamenco Choreography, Gustafson, Trudy 1992  Box 30
Bodies of Water Remembered, Morris, Wendy 1988  Box 30
Sweet Companions; The First Circle; Descent, 1989-1990  Box 30
Velvett and the Poni-Tails, Espinosa, Joseph 1991  Box 30
Wind is Not Wind When Kept in a Jar, Waller, Diane 1992  Box 30
Elegy; Lonely Hearts, Harding, Mary 1991  Box 30
Solo Repertoire/Excerpts and Complete Works, Connerton, Martha 1979-1990  Box 30
Croatian Dances, North Bulgarian Suite, Frey, Jonathan undated  Box 30
Choreographers' Evening, 1992  Box 30
"Pokupski Svati" Croatian Wedding, Frey, Jonathan undated  Box 30
Rehearsal Duet; Don't Lose Your Mind; Heart Dances; Meet n Greet; Women Bones; Duet from Mother Life/Child Life, Hasselbeck, Barb undated  Box 30
Video Choreographic Sampler, Hardenbergh, Marylee undated  Box 30
Excerpts of 5 Dances, Gleason, Pam undated  Box 30
"Leaving Home" from Labyrinth, Elliot, Diane undated  Box 30
Hoop Dance, Locke, Kevin undated  Box 30
Excerpts from Todora; Arpeggios and Quiet conversations; Open Mind; Yimani, Elliot, Dianne 1984-1988  Box 30
Music - Pink and Blue, Elchert, Mary Beth undated  Box 30
Excerpt from "Todora"; Excerpt from "Labyrinth" Women's Performance Project, Elliot, Dianne 1994  Box 30
Kathak, Mustaphi, Rita undated  Box 30
Excerpt "Still Life, Moving Lives," Elliot, Dianne undated  Box 30
Box 31
Choreographers' Evening, 1990  Box 31
Choreographers' Evening Curator: Carol Hunig, 1993  Box 31
Choreographers' Evening, 1993  Box 31
Excerpts from 1988-1989 Concert Series, Rossi, Salamone  Box 31
Vibrations, undated  Box 31
Sitting Pretty Rehearsal, undated  Box 31
T. Pig, undated  Box 31
Slatkin - Act 1, undated  Box 31
Apple Blossoms; Tux and Prom Dress, undated  Box 31
Cordobesa in a Traditional Flamenco Siguiriya with Guitarist Scott Davies, undated  Box 31
Neville-Ization, undated  Box 31
Exploding Head Trick, undated  Box 31
Leaning Jumping Falling; Face Dancing; Four Tiny Dancers in a Box of Light; River Styx; This Body This Place; Unnamed, Morris, Wendy 1983-1988  Box 31
Tango; The Northern Shore, Shapiro, Linda 1984-1985  Box 31
Unbridled Nations, 1982  Box 31
River Styx; This Mountain is a Field of Fire, Morris, Wendy 1982, 1985  Box 31
Jumping, Leaning, Falling, Morris, Wendy undated  Box 31
Thesis Project, University of Minnesota, Duluth, Watson, Ric undated  Box 31
The Nuclear Dance, Thorne, Erica undated  Box 31
Industrial Nights, West, David undated  Box 31
Behind Bright Silver, White, Elena undated  Box 31
Dancer Pool, Tani, Kay 1990-1991  Box 31
Shinders to Shinders, Studio X undated  Box 31
Wil Swanson on Channel 11 News, undated  Box 31
Box 32
KSTP TV Spot: Studio X "Interior Chambers," undated  Box 32
Studio X Sampler: Unbridled Notions; Shinders to Shinders; Frankenstein and Galea; Interior Chambers; Come By Here, undated  Box 32
Richters Ball; Nobody Gets Pregnant; Nighttimes Magazine; Number Five; Red Dress, Holt, Jason, Scully/Thorne, Morris undated  Box 32
A Journey to the Well, 21st Street Players undated  Box 32
McKnight Fellowship Program Support Material. Choreography Excerpts, Shimotakahara, David undated  Box 32
After Eros, Fleming, Maureen 2000  Box 32
Master Class, Taylor, Wilhelmina 1995  Box 32
WRHBL Promo, 1999  Box 32
Parameters Squared, 1999  Box 32
The Steele Hall, 1999 ( 2 tapes)  Box 32
Descriptions Without Place, Swanson, Wil 1998 ( 2 tapes)  Box 32
Stucco Moon, Dunn, Douglas 1992  Box 32
New Dance Performances, Rosenthu, Rachel and Donna Uchizono 1992  Box 32
Untitled, Conversano, Frank 1993  Box 32
New Dance, di Palma, Susana 1992  Box 32
New Dance Rehearsal, Rosenthu, Rachel and Donna Uchizono 1992  Box 32
Untitled, Magee-Wippe, Kevin 1993  Box 32
Rough Cuts, Mahler, Barbara 1993  Box 32
New Dance, Mahler, Barbara 1992  Box 32
The Thief, Hurlin, Dan 1994  Box 32
Rough Cuts, Young, Bill with New Dance Laboratory Dancers 1993  Box 32
Dance Lab - Showing, Chemecki, Rosane and Andrea Lerner 1994  Box 32
New Dance Lab Work-in-Process Performance, Aiken, Chris 1993  Box 32
New Dance Ensemble Open Rehearsal, O'Connor, Dennis 1991  Box 32
New Dance Laboratory/Bebe Miller Company, Miller, Bebe 1993  Box 32
New Dance Showcase, Dunn, Douglas 1991  Box 32
Box 33
Peabovision, undated  Box 33
Drowning Roof, Godder, Yasmeen undated  Box 33
A Time to Dance, Smith, Terrence undated  Box 33
Tagidi Shalom Yaffe, Godder, Yasmeen undated  Box 33
Excerpts from Touring Repertory, Eckert, Jan 1998 ( 2 tapes)  Box 33
Keeping the Faith: The Prison Project. A Community Outreach of the Pat Graney Company, Graney, Pat 1999  Box 33
And We'd Laugh and Roll Down the Hill Together, Godder, Yasmeen undated  Box 33
Sparrows; Windswept, Fargnoli, Margaret undated  Box 33
Single Mom Rag, Fargnoli, Margaret undated  Box 33
"2 Dances - Bach Gavotte," Bloch, Alice undated  Box 33
Coming and Going; Dancescapes, Dean, Madeline 1983  Box 33
Maneuvered Scenes, Dean, Madeline 1983  Box 33
L'Histoire du Soldat, Dean, Madeline 1982  Box 33
Foursquare American Dream, Emergence (Version 1), Dean, Rell undated ( 2 tapes)  Box 33
Grandmother Tales, Delattre, Susan undated  Box 33
Change is Gonna Come, Despard, Jessie undated  Box 33
Le Renard Dansait; Tender Buttons, Elliot, Diane undated  Box 33
Love Song to the Plains, Fargnoli, Margaret undated  Box 33
Box 34
Minneapolis on Mississippi, Brickwedde, Jim undated  Box 34
Shlep Shtik, Dean, Madeline undated  Box 34
Sampler: Small Circles Great Planes, Reminiscence, Shuffle and Click Stories, Cowles, Sage undated  Box 34
No Point of Contact, Dillard, Leigh undated  Box 34
Too Many Waltzes Have Ended, Dillard, Leigh and Linda Shapiro undated  Box 34
New Dance Ensemble Sample Tape, 1986  Box 34
New Dance Ensemble Master PSA, undated  Box 34
New Dance Ensemble "Onlit," Swanson, Wil undated  Box 34
Handa Wanda; Work Tape, Moulton, Charlie and Daniel Gammet 1985  Box 34
Sample Tape: Yonker Dingle; Solo; Pulse; Description; Mirror at Hand; Refractions; Johnny's Not Worth It; Yonker Dingle, Wagoner, Dan, Linda Shapiro, Leigh Dillard and Georgia Stephens undated  Box 34
Box 35
Lecture/Demonstration at the Flynn, Everett Dance Theatre undated  Box 35
Ragamala, Ramaswamy, Ranee undated  Box 35
Under Deconstruction; Friends Like These; Stand in Wonder; Silent Second Sight (Houdini), undated  Box 35
Eisenhower Dance Ensemble, 1999-2000  Box 35
The Perks Dance Music Theatre, Stenn, Rebecca undated  Box 35
Process, Black, Mark undated  Box 35
Out of This World/The Life After Project, Pimsler, Stuart 1998  Box 35
Untitled, undated  Box 35
Walker Arts Center Performing Arts Department, undated  Box 35
The Marriage of Art and Science, Everett Dance Theatre undated  Box 35
Spheres; The Stairs; The Butterfly; Mandala; Flower, Fleming, Maureen undated  Box 35
Mandala Residency, Fleming, Maureen undated  Box 35
Atlas of the Universe, Johnson, Darla and Andrew Long 1998  Box 35
Untitled, Johnson, Darla and Andrew Long undated  Box 35
Now and Again, Johnson, Darla and Andrew Long undated  Box 35
Sample Reel; Sender, Monson, Jennifer 1997  Box 35
Untitled, Mao, Michael undated  Box 35
Excerpts from Kid; Mr. Raisin Head; Waiting for Dawn, Batdorf, Erika undated  Box 35
For Bessie; Letter to Kevin; Four Minutes; Sort of Symphony, Schatten-Lock, Karen undated  Box 35
Small All Spring All, Young, Marcus undated  Box 35
Dancing the River Highway, Holcombe, Jeff undated  Box 35
Excerpts from Facing East; Waiting for Dawn; Invitation, Batdorf, Erika undated  Box 35
3 Minute Video, Eckert, Jan undated  Box 35
Frankfurt Ballet Forsythe Documentary, undated  Box 35
Cassandra; Silent Night; Charades; Mother's Garden, Shapiro, Lynn undated  Box 35
Anta Oumri, Dror, Liat and Nir Ben Gal undated  Box 35
Dance Ensemble Excerpt Tape, Schaffer, Dr. and Mr. Stern undated ( 2 tapes)  Box 35
Muntu Dance Theatre of Chicago, undated  Box 35
The Body Project; The Swing of the Sea, Kreiter, Jo undated  Box 35
Copra Dock Dances, Kreiter, Jo undated  Box 35
Body of Work; The Science Project, Everett Dance Theatre undated  Box 35
Put on the Brakes; Passages; Blind Willie McTell, George, Michael 1991-1997  Box 35
Lamb at the Altar, Hay, Deborah 1992  Box 35
Echidna's Lament; Meditation; A is for Apples; When, Tippett, Thomson, Kerr undated  Box 35
Box 36
Joe Chvala and the Flying Foot Forum Tra, undated  Box 36
Excerpts, Flood, Megan undated  Box 36
Dance Link: Excerpts from recent works by artists selected for the Commissioning and Residency Exchange, undated ( 8 tapes)  Box 36
Behold! Wilson, Reggie 2001  Box 36
Weight, Johnson, Benjamin undated  Box 36
Young Audiences, Fleming, Maureen undated  Box 36
Momentum: New Dance Works, Simas, Rosy 2001  Box 36
Arena Dances, Janczewski, Mathew 2000  Box 36
Minnesota Frameworks for Arts Curriculum Strategies, undated  Box 36
Unmarked cassettes, undated ( 2 tapes)  Box 36
Dance Africa/America, Davis, Chuck 1995 ( 3 tapes)  Box 36
Monkey and the Waterfall, undated  Box 36
Chi; Passacaglia, Chiao-Ping, Li undated  Box 36
Film Footage for Turn Her White with Stones; Between Men; Forgotten Sensations, Eckert, Jan undated  Box 36
At the Crimson Tree; Tracking the Tiger; Solix; Hagar's Midrash; Sam in Two's; And/Or, Hardenbergh, Marylee, Phillip Blackburn, Nancy Antenucci, David Moore, Gretchen Peck, Scott Miller, Judith Brin Ingber, David Harris, John Munger, Miriam Gerberg, Morgan Thorson, and Warren Burt 1995  Box 36
Moving Day, Kneller, Lisa undated  Box 36
Rhapsody, Kelly, Marcia undated  Box 36
Dances of David Hurwith, Hurwith, David 1992-1994  Box 36
Next Ice Age; Sisyphean Victory, Birch, Nathan 1991  Box 36
Norway Documentary Children Helping Children, undated  Box 36
Ballet Espanol, Maldonado, Mara undated  Box 36
Box 37
Yellow River, Chiao-Ping, Li 1991  Box 37
View from Beyond Surfaung from a Journey Before Spring, Slaski Teatr Tanca - Bytom, ul. Zeromskiego  Box 37
ICM Artists Presents: Select Attractions, 1996-1997  Box 37
DCB Workshop, 1995 ( 2 tapes)  Box 37
In Concert, Bernstein, Ira undated  Box 37
Le Palindrome, Saire, Philippe undated  Box 37
Quoi De Neuf? Working Tape, 1982  Box 37
New Dance Ensemble Stills, 1988  Box 37
New Dance Ensemble Wil Working Tape, 1985  Box 37
New Dance Ensemble Sponsor Tape, undated  Box 37
Untitled, Swanson, Wil 1996  Box 37
PSA; No Point of Contact; Pulse; Description without Place; The Mirror at Hand; Refractions; Johnny's Not Worth It; Yonker Dingle Variations, undated  Box 37
Dissapative Structures, 1981  Box 37
Children's Orchestra: Wil's Working Tape, 1989  Box 37
Yonker Dingle Variations; No Point of Contact; Johnny's Not Worth It; Pulse; Description Without Place; Refractions, Wagoner, Dan, Linda Shapiro, Leigh Dillard and Georgia Stephens undated (2 tapes)  Box 37
New Dance Ensemble Sample Tape, undated  Box 37
1st Rotation; Boundary Water; Mirror at Hand; Description Without Place, Dunn, Douglas, Ralph Lemon, Leigh Dillard, and Linda Shapiro 1983-1984  Box 37
New Dance Ensemble Sample Tape, 1986  Box 37
Box 38
Young Dance in Concert, 1994  Box 38
An Armarna Hymn; Dance of the Blessed Spirit, Schaefer, Anne 1993, 1995  Box 38
Untitled Women's Quartet, Mayer, Megan 1995  Box 38
Dancer Pool Grant Work Sample, McConneloug, Shawn undated  Box 38
Suite Byrd Excerpts, Hausser, Nancy undated  Box 38
Journey; Lost, Harding, Mary 1996  Box 38
First Flight; excerpt, StarBodies, Weller, Lovice undated  Box 38
Never Change, Harding, Mary 1992  Box 38
All in a Garden Green (Renaissance); Versailles to Grand Portage (Baroque); Salon Entertainment for Mars and Venus; French Fur Trapping scene; Audience Participation, Peck, Jane 1989-1994  Box 38
Gregory Hines: Live, undated  Box 38
Canticle of Mary, Ragamala Dance Theatre undated  Box 38
Surrender, Huncik, Carol undated  Box 38
Dancer Pool Application, Janczewski, Mathew 1996  Box 38
Four in One, Jenson, Matthew Paul undated  Box 38
Sol Corazon, Lorca, Marcela Kingman 1995 ( 2 tapes)  Box 38
Walking Around, Lorca, Marcela Kingman 1992  Box 38
Excerpts from Muspellheim; One's All Two's All Zig Zall Zan, Chvala, Joe 1996  Box 38
The Composers "Desert Suites," 1994  Box 38
Six Women, Duval, Jeffrey 1995  Box 38
In Subterranean Caves, 1994  Box 38
Souvenir, McConneloug, Shawn and Greg Cummins 1994  Box 38
Love is Like a Cigarette; It's Like Lies, McConneloug, Shawn 1990-1991  Box 38
Ragamala, Ramaswamy, Ranee undated  Box 38
Diane Coburn Bruning Showing Workshop (Choreographer/Composer), 1995  Box 38
Babu's Magic, Davis, Chuck undated  Box 38
Choreomania! 1997-1998 ( 10 tapes)  Box 38
Rehearsal, Davis, Chuck 1994  Box 38
KTCA "Artson 2," Davis, Chuck undated  Box 38
Tribute to Rosa Parks, MLK Legacy Concert, 1999  Box 38
Langa Collaboration, MLK Legacy Concert, 1999  Box 38
CAAM Chinese Dance Theater, MLK Legacy Concert, 1999  Box 38
Living the Dream, MLK Legacy Concert, 1999 ( 3 tapes)  Box 38
Box 39
Shoes; It's Like Lies; Snoball, McConneloug, Shawn 1991-1992  Box 39
Choreographers' Evening, 1997  Box 39
Babu's Magic, Davis, Chuck undated ( 2 tapes)  Box 39
Zenon: Excerpts from Repertory, 1993  Box 39
KTCA-TV, Klein, Demetrius 1995 ( 2 tapes)  Box 39
Before Spring Comes; View from Beyond, Silesian Dance Theatre undated  Box 39
From a Journey, View from Beyond, Luminski, Jacek undated  Box 39
Forgotten Spaces Promo, Klein, Demetrius undated  Box 39
Forgotten Spaces, Klein, Demetrius 1995 ( 2 tapes)  Box 39
Short Order, Potts, Steve 1990  Box 39
And They Came Like Horses, Ressl, Doris undated  Box 39
Orchid Lights, Hardenbergh, Marylee 1989  Box 39
Dancespace Project Archives, Van Wieren, Laurie, and Jonathan Stone 1991  Box 39
Friday Dance, Smallen, Su 1988  Box 39
Silent Stories, undated  Box 39
Greek, 1990  Box 39
Children's Workshop, Turner, Jimmy 1993  Box 39
Humans on Earth, Lindblad, Alan 1989 ( 2 tapes)  Box 39
Dancer Pool Final Report, Cleary's Crossing, Birmingham, Elizabeth 1991  Box 39
Quartet, No Titles, Excerpt from Route 142-4, Eidn, Bob undated  Box 39
Dancer Pool Project, Skin, Elliot, Diane 1988  Box 39
Dancer Pool Work in Progress, Howard, Judith, and Aprylisa Snyder 1989  Box 39
Venus Dancing, Habibi Dancers Concert, 1991  Box 39
Mirabhai Versions, Ramaswamy, Ranee undated  Box 39
National Arts Emergency, undated  Box 39
Margolis/Brown, 1993  Box 39
Jazz Tap Ensemble Trio, undated  Box 39
Untitled, undated ( 5 tapes)  Box 39
Contemporary Dance Roundtable, 1989 ( 2 tapes)  Box 39
Eiko and Koma, The MNN Radio Networks, Inc., undated  Box 39
Save the NEA, Turner, Kathleen undated  Box 39
Box 40
Gerry's Open Rehearsal, 1993  Box 40
Zero Cool; Night of Many Dreams; Sodade; Cassate, Young, Cathy 1998-2000  Box 40
Poor Reality, Chameki/Lerner undated  Box 40
Grocery Store - Routineness, 2001  Box 40
Dub for Morris, Evening Class, Taylor, Wilhelmina 1995  Box 40
Going Back, Working Dub, undated  Box 40
Fist and Heel, Wilson, Reggie undated  Box 40
Choreographers' Evening, Mann, Paula 2002  Box 40
Art City, 2002  Box 40
The Dance Center of Columbia College, 2001  Box 40
La Mama Experimental Theater, 9 Windows, 2002  Box 40
Lifedeathafterdeath, 1999  Box 40
Reh Static Tape, Davis, Chuck 1994 ( 2 tapes)  Box 40
Reh Follow Tape, Davis, Chuck 1994 ( 2 tapes)  Box 40
Untitled, undated  Box 40
Windows on Mars, undated  Box 40
Duet Improvisation, Choreomania, Shockley, Jane, and Cynthia Stevens 1997  Box 40
Danceafrica America, Davis, Chuck 1995  Box 40
Pure Movement, Dance Africa/America, Harris, Dennie 1997  Box 40
Powerderhorn Park and Minnesota Dance Alliance Promotional Tape for Dance Africa, 1996  Box 40
Muntu Dance Theatre of Chicago, Dance Africa/America, 1996  Box 40
Outside Stuff, Davis, Chuck 1995  Box 40
Forgotten Shapes Project, Klein, Demetrius 1995  Box 40
Dance Africa/America, 1996  Box 40
Angel by My Side; By the Throat, Luminski, Jacek and Costa 1995  Box 40
Takie-Nic, Luminski, Jacek 1995  Box 40
Untitled, Jones, Bill undated  Box 40
Untitled, Silesian Dance Theatre undated  Box 40
Danceafrica America, Sample Reel, undated  Box 40
Untitled, undated  Box 40
Dancelink: excerpts from recent works by artists selected for the Commissioning and Residency Exchange, undated  Box 40
Minnesota Center Arts Education, Arts Educator Institute, 1998 undated  Box 40
Sample 1, Minnesota Dance Alliance, undated  Box 40
Box 41
Mixed Blood Play, undated  Box 41
Fun of Falling, Koelsch, Maureen 1999  Box 41
Rough Dances Studio Concert; Alverno College, 1988  Box 41
Forgotten Spaces Project, Klein, Demetrius 1995  Box 41
Newsnight Minnesota, Out of the Red Promo, Stone, Jonathan 1999  Box 41
Danceafrica, DC, Perlo, Carl undated  Box 41
Red Hot Holidays, Cricket Theatre 1988  Box 41
Tappin' in the Twin Cities, Glover, Savion 1996  Box 41
National Performance Network Promo/Highlight Loop, 1997  Box 41
Choreographer's Evening, 1997  Box 41
McKnight/Minneapolis Public Forum, 2000  Box 41
Dancelink: excerpts from recent works by artists selected for the Commissioning and Residency Exchange, undated  Box 41
Out of the Red, Sample of Community, undated  Box 41
America Dancing Panel, 1993  Box 41
Heart in Mouth, Terrill, Ray undated  Box 41
Sample Work for Kristin Freya at Cleopatra, 2000  Box 41
Pure Movement, undated  Box 41
Women in Motion; Kali for Women, undated  Box 41
Raksat Aza; Drum Solo, O'Dell, Margo Adbo undated  Box 41
In Subterranean Caves; O My Body; Figures in Tension, Fricke, Wynn 1995-1997  Box 41
Sphere; The Stairs; The Butterfly; Mandala; Flower, Fleming, Maureen undated  Box 41
PBS/Buton, Fleming, Maureen undated  Box 41
Last Supper at Uncle Tom's Cabin/The Promised Land, Jones, Bill 1994  Box 41
Songs for the Body Electric, Girouard, Gerry 1997 ( 2 tapes)  Box 41
Ragamala: A Painting in Motion; Canticle of Mary; The Puppet Master, Ragamala Music and Dance Theatre undated  Box 41
Radha Krisha, part of "From Temple to Theatre: Remembering Uday Shankar," Ramaswamy, Aparna 2000  Box 41
Babu's Magic, Davis, Chuck 1993-1994  Box 41
Tree Lakes, Johnson, Morris 1998  Box 41
Untitled, O'Dell, Margo Adbo undated  Box 41
Sphere; The Stairs; The Butterfly; Mandala; Flower, Fleming, Maureen undated  Box 41
Searching in the Garden, Lieberthal, Jim undated  Box 41
Glory, Dance Council 2000  Box 41
Living the Dream, MLK Legacy Concert, 1999  Box 41
Asoka, Ragamala Music and Dance Theatre undated  Box 41
Vive la Intersections, De Soceil, Baraka undated  Box 41
Sample Tape, Munger, John 1999  Box 41
Arlys Alford Seal, undated  Box 41
3 Excerpts, Hardenbergh, Marylee undated  Box 41
MAC Concert with Four Score and Scrimmage, Howard, Judith 2000  Box 41
Peacock; Crimson Mantle… ; Screaming Contest, Howard, Judith 2000  Box 41
Untitled, Pei, Shen undated  Box 41
Box 42
Cinderella Excerpts, Continental Ballet Company undated  Box 42
Montage of Repertory; Red Walls; Andvari's Curse; Berserks; All Creatures Now Are Merry-Minded, Chvala, Joe undated  Box 42
McKnight Fellowship for Choreography, Compiled Video Excerpts, 1998  Box 42
Excerpts, Mann, Paula 1994-1996  Box 42
Weight, Johnson, Benjamin 2000  Box 42
Work Sample of Paneer Project, Fukasawa, Kats undated  Box 42
Untitled, undated  Box 42
Sponsor Pool, Ansley/Engel Dance undated  Box 42
Corridors of Sleep; Water and Stone, undated  Box 42
Straight, Ezvalow, Daniel undated  Box 42
Crash excerpt, Childs, Mary Eller undated  Box 42
Sides of Us; Untitled, Corlin, Lisa 1997-1998  Box 42
Arena Dances, Janczewski, Mathew undated  Box 42
Ode; Book of Ruth; Absence; Iris, Kusanovich, Kristin undated  Box 42
Luminosity; Of Presence, Balcos, E. E. 1997-1998  Box 42
Minnesota Dance Alliance Members Meeting, 1995-1997 ( 6 tapes)  Box 42
The Women's Sekere Ensemble, undated ( 2 tapes)  Box 42
Untitled, undated ( 3 tapes)  Box 42
Talking Dance: Noise/Funk, 1997  Box 42
Diversion of Angels, Erling, Amber Rosah 1996  Box 42
NYC Improv Fest, Scully, Patrick, and Chris Aiken 1994  Box 42
Unsafe, Unsuited, Scully, Patrick undated  Box 42
Neptune Saloon, undated  Box 42
New Dance Ensemble, 1990 ( 2 tapes)  Box 42
New Dance Ensemble - Sponsor Tape, 1986  Box 42
Places in the World a Woman can Walk, Jenkins, Margaret undated  Box 42
Oxidation, Halbritter, Tamara 1995  Box 42
Even Monkeys; Kiskatom, Latta, Timothy 1992-1994  Box 42
Choreographer/Composer Workshop, Bruning, Diane Coburn 1995  Box 42
Choreographers' Evening, Halbritter, Tamara 1995  Box 42
Urban Dwellers, Shiroma, Yukie undated  Box 42
Description Without Place, Shapiro, Linda 1983  Box 42
Folk Dance; Rushing Desconstructivism/Dashing Romanticism; Forest or the Trees, 1990  Box 42
Box 43
1st Rotation, Work Tape, Dunn, Douglas undated ( 2 tapes)  Box 43
The Mirror at Hand; Retractions; Johnny's Not Worth It; Pulse, Pillard, Georgia Stephens, Linda Shapiro 1983  Box 43
Untitled, undated  Box 43
New Dance Ensemble, Public Service Announcements, 1987 ( 2 tapes)  Box 43
New Dance Ensemble March Concerts, 1987  Box 43
New Dance Ensemble, 1988 ( 2 tapes)  Box 43
Sleeping Bay, undated  Box 43
New Dance Ensemble, Balcony #1, undated  Box 43
Roses; Forest or the Trees, 1990  Box 43
Folk Dance; Ingenues; Rushing Deconstructivism/Drastic Romanticism, 1990  Box 43
Stucco Moon, Dunn, Douglas 1992 ( 2 tapes)  Box 43
Box 44
Cricket, 1989 ( 2 tapes)  Box 44
New Dance Ensemble, Cricket, 1990 ( 2 tapes)  Box 44
New Dance Ensemble, 1988 ( 5 tapes)  Box 44
Food for Thought, Cummings, Blondell 1983 ( 2 tapes)  Box 44
The Phenix City Story, Self, Jim 1982  Box 44
Box 45
NY Improv; Out There, Scully, Patrick 1994-1995  Box 45
An Armarna Hymn; Under a Bido Tree, Schaefer, Anne 1991, 1993 ( 2 tapes)  Box 45
Bach Overtures, Rist, Andrew undated  Box 45
Youth Movement Spring Concert, Rueff, Stephen 1986  Box 45
Gyre; Singing Rock, Sloss, Joan 1986  Box 45
Studio Project, Shapiro, Linda undated  Box 45
Youth Movement Company, Rueff, Stephen 1986  Box 45
"Dancing" PBS Special, 1993 ( 3 tapes)  Box 45
Durables and Dry Roads, Stephens, Georgia undated  Box 45
Could You Please Leave; In the Beginning, Reiter, Karen 1990-1991  Box 45
Phase II Composite Tape, Delattre, Susan, Joan Sloss, Kay Tani, Becky Heist, and Diane Eliot undated  Box 45
Two African Tales, undated  Box 45
Yeama, undated  Box 45
Fine Line; Against All Odds; Echo, Kayz, Cynthia 1988-1989  Box 45
Salt: the 832nd Love Story, Stephens, Georgia undated  Box 45
World Without End, Amen, Stephens, Georgia 1990  Box 45
Baroque Dance Sampler, Turocy, Catherine M. 1990  Box 45
Women's Performance Project, Labyrinth, 1994  Box 45
The Nutcracker; Waltz by the Beautiful Danube, Stroia Ballet Company undated  Box 45
Mystery Dance, Ramawamy, Ranee, and Joe Chula 1994  Box 45
Getting Ahead, Potts, Steve 1986  Box 45
Someone Was Here; Loose Ends, Part III; Getting Ahead, Part III, Potts, Steve undated  Box 45
Getting Ahead; (No) More Life in the Clouds, Potts, Steve undated  Box 45
Potluck Performance, 1984  Box 45
Doioa Flor; Aeruika; Woman of the Shadows; Flamingos on Ice; Solbaras, di Palma, Susana undated  Box 45
Blue Bird, Voss, David undated  Box 45
Un-Naming, Pick, Gretchen 1993  Box 45
Blue Woman Doing Art, Ravenstone, Anne undated  Box 45
Dancespace Project, Benefit, 1990  Box 45
SLC Dance Concert, Pick, Gretchen 1993  Box 45
Balanchevadge Etude, Partial Andante, All of Rondo, Resch, Leah undated  Box 45
Canticle of Mary, Ragamala Dance Theatre undated  Box 45
Audition for Choreographers' Evening, Wangensteen-Happe, Kirsten undated  Box 45
Workshop: Global Myths, Ward, Cathy 1990 ( 2 tapes)  Box 45
Yerma: Zorongo Flamenco, Grace Productions 1986  Box 45
Swan Lake; Swan Pond, Sewell, James undated  Box 45
Box 46
Fusions, Habermass-Scher, Marilyn 1982  Box 46
This Body, This Place Unnamed, Morris, Wendy C. undated  Box 46
Come by Here, 1982 ( 2 tapes)  Box 46
Judith, undated  Box 46
Geography: Red Eye Collaboration, Morris, Wendy C. 1984  Box 46
Unbridled Nations, 1982  Box 46
Excerpts from 5 Dances by the New Dance Ensemble, undated  Box 46
Box 47
Common Ground - Danceability, undated  Box 47
New Dance Ensemble, Cricket, 1989  Box 47
Open Rehearsal, Luc and Robin, Dunn, Douglas 1990  Box 47
Just a Dumb Dream in a Foreign Bed, Plam Dancers, Inc. 1989  Box 47
Asada; Climaxes and Sequels; Boundary Water; Handa Wanda, 1985  Box 47
1st Rotation, Dunn, Douglas undated  Box 47
Triumph of the Spirit Vignette, Holker, D. G. undated  Box 47
The Minnesota Opera, New Music-Theater Ensemble and National Residency Program, 1990 undated  Box 47
Untitled, Lemon, Ralph and Company 1988  Box 47
Forest or the Trees, 1990  Box 47
Boundary Water, Open Rehearsals, 1991  Box 47
Open Rehearsal with New Dance Ensemble, undated  Box 47
Dance Lab, New Dance Ensemble, Skaggs, Sarah, and Paul Thompson 1990  Box 47
Portraits in the Blue, Hadley/Sowash 1991  Box 47
Why We are Occidental Here, 1988  Box 47
High Heels on Broken Glass, Scapelitis, Strahane 1991  Box 47
Rough Dances; Way We Are Here; En Can Ta Das, Shapiro, Linda 1986-1988  Box 47
Where Would We Be Without the Arts, United Arts 1992  Box 47
Baccharal; Slake, O'Connor, Dennis undated  Box 47
New Dance Ensemble, undated ( 3 tapes)  Box 47
Untitled, undated  Box 47
Byron's Solo, undated  Box 47
Recollection Bruise, Uchizono, Donna 1991  Box 47
What Monster Saw, 1989  Box 47
Antecedents, Cheng, Maria 1983  Box 47
Square Business, Miller, Bebe 1981  Box 47
Night Tide, Eiko and Koma 1984  Box 47
The Human Accordian, Stone, Jonathan undated ( 2 tapes)  Box 47
Rehearsals and Warm Ups, Stone, Jonathan undated  Box 47
Endurance, Quagmire Dance Company Inc. undated  Box 47
Uhuru; Sweet Millie Mae; Big Wimmin Swimmin', Woods, Andrea E. undated  Box 47
Excerpts from Recent Work, Appel, David undated  Box 47
Box 48
Camcorder Tapes, undated ( 1 box)  Box 48
Photographs and Slides  
Box 21
Wilson, June - Dance Alliance Photos undated  Box 21
Box 23
Dance Africa undated  Box 23
Extended Play 1990-1994  Box 23
Short Order 1992 ( 2 folders)  Box 23
Silesian Dance Theatre 1995  Box 23
Wilson, June undated  Box 23
Lemon, Ralph - "Geography" 1997  Box 23
Box 48
Miscellaneous Slides undated ( 2 boxes)  Box 48
Box 53
Minneapolis Sculpture Garden Photographs undated  Box 53
Photos, Biography and Press Release (Wil Swanson) 1998 ( 2 folders)  Box 53
John Munger Photos undated  Box 53
Box 55
Summer Dance 85 Art 1985  Box 55
Miscellaneous Photos undated  Box 55
Box 54
African American Dance Ensemble undated  Box 54
Monday, Last Roll undated  Box 54
Monday - Billy Holman and Dance Africa America undated  Box 54
#2 Monday 1995  Box 54
WSE on Tuesday 1995  Box 54
Seed 1 1995  Box 54
Seed Leftovers 1995  Box 54
D'Africa 1995  Box 54
Old Arizona 1995  Box 54
Phliss Wheatly 1995  Box 54
Dance Africa 1995  Box 54
African American Dance Ensemble Photograph Album Contents undated, 1995 ( 3 volumes)  Box 54
L'Afrique Electrique 1995  Box 54
Drum Poh 1995  Box 54
Drum Poh - Ambiance 1995  Box 54
4 Belteres, Portraits 1995  Box 54
Aerobics with Soul 1995  Box 54
End of Umoja 1995  Box 54
#7,8,9 shot Sunday 1995 ( 3 envelopes)  Box 54
Miscellaneous photographs undated ( 9 envelopes)  Box 54
Box 55
Miscellaneous photographs undated  Box 55
Summer Dance 1985  Box 55
Nritya Jyoti Dance Theatre undated  Box 55
New Moves (Minnesota Independent Choreographers Alliance), Diane Elliot, Georgia Stephens undated  Box 55
Paul Cipponori and Kim Nelson undated  Box 55
Woulana Simcock and Pearl Ubungen undated  Box 55
Diane Waller and Betina, Laurie Van Wieren and the B-Specifics undated, circa 1982-1992  Box 55
Jill Heaberlin, Blue Family of Throwbacks undated, 1991  Box 55
Alpha Pepo Jiri 1985  Box 55
Mary Easter 1985, 1987  Box 55
Mary Beth Elchert 1985  Box 55
Phil Prowse, MYLS (Margie Fargnoli) undated  Box 55
Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theatre undated  Box 55
Viola Farber undated  Box 55
Unidentified 1992  Box 55
Hogwood "Woody" McGriff (Several Performances) undated  Box 55
Joe Good Performance Group ( Joe Goode, Elizabeth Burritt, Peter Rothblatt, Suellen Einersen, Jean Sullivan, Christian Giorgi) undated  Box 55
Judith in Menos 1991  Box 55
David Shimotakahara and Amy Hayes 1998-1999  Box 55
Box 56
James Swell Ballet 1996  Box 56
San Francisco Ballet undated  Box 56
Students Doing Stretching Exercises undated  Box 56
Christopher Jones, Larry Lee Van Horre, Roberta Puzon undated  Box 56
"Unbridled Nations" undated  Box 56
Phillip Bond, Bernadine Jennings, Gina Ellis, Tonkins Anderson, Deborah Smith undated  Box 56
Nancy Hauser Dance Company and School undated  Box 56
Holly Schramm, Georgia Harren, William Harren, Georgia Corner, Jennifer Anderson 1986, 1988  Box 56
Daniel Shapiro, "Shtick" undated  Box 56
Alice Bloch 1985  Box 56
Jeff Sandeen Scott Iverson; Frankenstein and Gaea: Questions of Creation undated  Box 56
Cuban National Folkloric Dance Ensemble undated  Box 56
Cynthia Stevens, Judith Howard 1988  Box 56
Jimmy Locust 1986  Box 56
Eiko and Koma, in "Grain" undated  Box 56
Timothy Buckley, Glenna Hamm, BeBe Miller, Nina Wiener; Kemo Sabe undated  Box 56
Art Bridgman/Myrena Packer; "Castrato" undated  Box 56
Urban Bush Women undated  Box 56
Ann Carlson, P. S. 122 Field Trips undated  Box 56
Merce Cunningham Dance Company undated  Box 56
Les Ballets Trokadero de Monte Carlo undated  Box 56
Batsheva Dance Company undated  Box 56
Renne Harris; Pure Movement undated  Box 56
Concrete Farm undated  Box 56
Cythia Stevens and Frances Kimmel 1986  Box 56
Mick LaBriola, Judith Brin Ingber, David Harris, Scott Davies; "Voices of Sepharad" undated  Box 56
Maria Cheng 1986  Box 56
Coming Dances and Company undated  Box 56
Kristin Van Loon, Jessica Cressey, Mary Ann Bradley, Eric Boone, Mariusz Olszewski; "City" undated  Box 56
Mahkata Dance Theatre 1988  Box 56
Rob Esposito 1985  Box 56
Paulette Cousins 1986  Box 56
Byron Richard and Erin Thompson; "Hardlove" undated  Box 56
Chris Aiken; "In the Moment" undated  Box 56
Paul Thompson and Dancers; Scaribbean 1991  Box 56
Wil Swanson, Adam Weig, and Matsuhide Nakashima 1986  Box 56
Jonathan Urla and Shawn McConneloug 1986  Box 56
Georgia Stephens Contemporary Dance Theatre; "World Without End, Amen" undated  Box 56
Llory Wilson and Kathleen Kelly undated  Box 56
The Contemporary Dance Playhouse undated  Box 56
Jane Shockley 1985  Box 56
Bill T. Jones and Arthur Aviles, Akiko Ko, Heidi Latsky 1988  Box 56
Wendy Ansley, Michael Engel 1987-1988  Box 56
Filming of Shinders to Shinders undated  Box 56
Heidi Jasmin 1986  Box 56
Charles Moulton Dance Company 1988  Box 56
Cassandra Shore 1988  Box 56
Mike Jenson's New and Slightly Used Dance "Monkeys and Martyrs" 1999  Box 56
Borrowed Bones Dance Theatre undated  Box 56
Summer Dance 1987-1988 ( 3 folders)  Box 56
Unidentified undated  Box 56
Christopher Watson, Stacy Pottinger, Sarah Larose, Amy Slater, and Nathan Carlton undated  Box 56
Maria Geune, Colleen Callahan, North High Students, Victor Varnardo 1988  Box 56
Krista Landberg, Judtih Howard, Cynthia Stevens, Su Smallen, and Colleen Haas; "First Blood" undated  Box 56
Deborah Jinza Thayer; I. V. 2000  Box 56
Risa Cohen; Giselle 2000  Box 56
Jelina Petrovic undated  Box 56
Tom Kanthak 1988  Box 56
Joe Chuala undated  Box 56
Sarit Coffman, Regina Marie Williams, and Andrea Engler; Vinegar Tom 1988  Box 56
Murray Louis Dance Company undated  Box 56
David Deblieck; Portrait of a Sissy 2000  Box 56
Elizabeth Birmingham; "The Front Parlor" undated  Box 56
Robin Steihm and Alan Lindblad 1988  Box 56
Akira Matsui, Zhou Long, Wu Man, Kand Kwon Soon; Forgiveness 1999  Box 56
David Rousseue and Reality undated  Box 56
Joanna Haigood/Zaccho Dance Theatre circa 1993  Box 56
Suzanne Costello and Stuart Pimsler 1997  Box 56
Denise Armsted and Keith Thompson undated, 1985  Box 56
Madeline Dean undated  Box 56
Jerry Pearson undated  Box 56
John Munger undated, 1985-1988, 2000  Box 56
Studio X 1982 ( 6 folders)  Box 56
Zenon Dance Company and School, Inc. undated  Box 56
Gerry Girouard undated  Box 56
Ranee Ramaswamy and Aparna Ramaswamy undated, 1986  Box 56
Rita Mustaphi, Semont Mustaphi; Asha Sharma and Anjali Gandhi undated  Box 56
Silesian Dance Theatre undated, 1994  Box 56
Cathy Young Dance undated  Box 56
Steve Potts; "Holding Up the House" 1990  Box 56
Elizabeth Warren, Wendy Anderson, Steve Potts, Marilyn Habermass-Scher; Minnesota Independent Choreographers' Alliance Final Studio X Event "Fusions" undated  Box 56
Dancing People Company undated  Box 56
Michael Casper undated  Box 56
Women's Performance - Diane Elliot, erika Thorne, Susan Delattre, Rebecca Frost, Margie Fargnoli 1991  Box 56
Susan Delattre 1986  Box 56
Margie Fargnoli and Dancers; "Once in a Long Ago Place and a Far Away Time" undated  Box 56
Avis Mandel undated, 1981  Box 56
Ethnic Dance Theatre undated  Box 56
David Dorgman Dance undated  Box 56
Lovice Weller 1990-1991  Box 56
Unidentified undated  Box 56